Our story starts back in 1831 when the Reverend John Wittenoom ministered in the district. The first church (St John’s) was built of mud brick at the site of the old burial ground in Avon Terrace and was consecrated in 1848. Work on the present Holy Trinity Church commenced in 1854. In 1905 the building of St John’s was relocated to the present Holy Trinity York site to serve as the parish hall. An account of those early days in the parish can be found in An Australian Parsonage by Janet Millett whose husband was Rector from 1863 – 1869.

Well as they say that was then and this is now. Today we are a small but dedicated Anglican community that meets every Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you at our next service.

It is our mission to create a community of faith that is spirit based, compassionate, vibrant, inviting, and most importantly showing loving kindness to all.

As a church we:

  • believe that God’s love transforms
  • desire to be known by our love
  • wish to be a people of prayer
  • seek to listen
  • aim to be as inclusive as Jesus
  • seek to serve

Come and join us and let’s build something together.

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